-To make your brand stand out in the market-

Strategy For Our Time

In the world of brands, everything is connected. Recognizing this fact of brand life, Next Design Lab creates joined-up brand strategies.
A strong company has an image, a vision, a slogan – a logo that encompasses and captures the essence of their corporate identity. We create memorable moments that make brands more relevant, relatable and revolutionary.



Focus Session With Analysis

We start from listening to your requirement. Together as one team, we will discuss the analysis of the brand situation, highlight its positioning, and study customer’s niche, customers themselves, and competitors. Then, we define essential communication tools for the market. The development of design depends on the chosen tool, whether it is native advertising or social media content or working with opinion leaders.


Who Is Your Target?

One of the common mistakes in branding is trying to appeal to everybody. The target audience should be defined from the beginning to make sure your message is relevant, targeted and specific. Once we know who we are targeting, we can set up a communication strategy for how to reach them most impressively.



Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is defining where your brand sits within the market and mind of your customer. More than a tagline or a fancy logo, brand positioning is the strategy used to set your business apart from the rest. Effective brand positioning happens when a brand is perceived as favorable, valuable, and trustful to the consumer.


Unique & Memorable

Brand that is loved by customer for long time has strong brand identity. It is important because being “different” from the competition isn’t enough to win in the market. You have to be remarkable, credible and favorable to your customer. The sum of those three becomes unique to your business, and as a result, your customers carve out a place for you in their minds.


Everything Starts from Counselling

Conversations with you are full of resource and guidepost for creating the design. Through our unique method of catching up your need, we can propose the solution to truly meet your objectives.

01. Councselling

We will conduct an interview to understand the current situation and clarify the issues and business goal of your company.
Then, we will build the best team based on the content of the production.

02. Research, Analyse

Our analysts research and analyse about the market you are in and competitors you will be facing.
Deciding where your company stands in the market and target audience will be clear goal for us thorough all the design process.

03. Rough Design

We will make several pattern of rough designs. Designer will explain the reason and intention of each designs.

04. Design

After deciding which direction to go through out rough design process. We will elaborate the design based on its direction in order to meet your business goal even more.


We will release the design after all designs are made, and start analyzing session at the same time.

06. Analyse&Counselling

By using the latest tool for analysing session, our consultants can propose you with best solutions.


Feel free to talk to our designer

We don’t have salesman here, so you can talk directly to the designer from the beginning.
You can ask designers particularly about the design including specific quote.
Please let us hear about your business and we are excited to talk to you!

Let’s Talk!