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PROJECT DATE : 2022.04.01  CATEGORY : Web design / Cording / Photography

CATEGORY Web design / Cording / Photoshoot
URL https://www.ts-group.jp/
  • Planning
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Cording
  • Photoshoot
  • C&C Analysis
  • SEO
  • Consulting


  • Raise awareness of corporate philosophy and culture
  • Design with trustfulness
  • Information for job seekers


This is the website revamp for the temp agency located in Kanagawa, Japan.
Customer wanted modern and stylish design and wanted to express their envision and friendly culture thorough the website. And, our target audiences were job seeker and their client.
For job seeker, we want to appeal that company have friendly and open-minded culture. And for the client, our communication concept was tight and reliable.

Our Proposal

We chose the orange as the concept color to express the friendly and open-minded culture that makes easy for workers to take on new challenges.
We were most conscious for the balance of two different design concept which is “Friendly & Open-minded” and “Tight & Reliable”. Because we wanted to express the staff’s atmosphere directly, we decided to go photo-shooting the actual people in TS-PROJECT and used those photos in everywhere.



In order to keep the design consistent, the designer was also there for the photo-shooting and made directions for every scene.
Co-existing of two different concept which is “friendly” and “tight” was the most important thing in shooting too. So, we set guidelines which is “friendly smiling” face with “tie and suit” outfit to express both two concepts in same time.


Design Consultant

After launching the website, TS-PROJECT has applied to our “Design Consulting Service” and we are maintaining the website and providing consultant service since then.
Since we have made their website, we are confident that we truly understand their business and be able to support them.


Feel free to talk to our designer

We don’t have salesman here, so you can talk directly to the designer from the beginning.
You can ask designers particularly about the design including specific quote.
Please let us hear about your business and we are excited to talk to you!

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